Everything started in 1996. MKM, whose furniture production adventure started in a small atelier, turned into a big firm in time, exporting all around the world in order to create new life forms.

MKM adopts quality, elegancy, solidity, comfort and accessible design criteria as its main principles and presents people a life style rather than furniture by focusing on customer satisfaction with its wide service network.

MKM, which takes different styles to your home with its modern and renovative approach, makes production in the fields of kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, kids & teen rooms and all sort of modular and panel furniture. Besides, MKM presents a wide-range of solution alternatives to meet the needs and demands of different projects such as hotel, hospital, school and other corporate projects both in the domestic and foreign markets.

The products of MKM furniture are young, dynamic and modern with their colors, designs and all other characteristics. The products do not only provide you with the excitement of a new-buy furniture, but also they sustain the dynamism in your house with their timeless designs.

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